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Suvidya Foundation is a Bangalore based NGO started by three IITians to empower rural government schools with technology driven solutions. Suvidya Foundation has been registered under Section 12A and Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

••••• India is facing a severe shortage of teachers at the ratio of 1:3 ••••• In 2015-16, in Karnataka, nearly 22,000 schools had two or fewer teachers ••••• 70% of the students attend vernacular medium government schools ••••• ~50% children of Std V are unable to read Std II level text ••••• ~75% children of Std III are unable to solve a 2 digit subtraction problem with borrow ••••• ~50% children sit in classrooms shared by multiple standards •••••

Our Motivation

Less than 50% of our children in rural schools can read and even less can do basic arithmetic. This is a result of severe shortage of teachers (in 2015-16, in Karnataka 21,947 schools had two or fewer teachers) multi-grade classrooms, lack of infrastructure and many more such factors. If this trend continues, India which has the largest youth population in the world will also end up having the largest percentage of its youth unfit for most new-age jobs. This augurs ill for the progress of the country. More...

Suvidya has been founded to help overcome this malady through the use of educational solutions targeting vernacular curriculum. Suvidya evaluates technology solutions from various companies and selects the most apt solutions for deployment in rural schools. Suvidya works with CSR programs, other NGOs and Government agencies to get them to sponsor such solutions for rural schools. Suvidya's volunteers and staff help with content creation for such solutions when required. Currently Suvidya is running a program called EducateZilla in several rural government schools in Karnataka using the Textbook-on-tablet technology(patent pending)

"Technology for sustainable education" - TEDx talk by Dr Rajugopal Gubbi

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